Good produce comes from good earth, good weather and a gracious god 

Not to mention, an incredible amount of hard work. When our family’s forefathers turned over the first shovelful of rich soil, they surely knew that this fertile ground would bring forth generations of goodness. And today, our lush fields and greenhouses yield newly picked produce that you can find at the farm or at one of many Market Locations. So when you’re adding fresh flavor to your dinner plate, you can trust that we deliver quality in everything we offer at Neltner’s Farm.

Our History

The family farm was established in 1892 by Joseph Neltner, the son of a German immigrant who settled in the valley of Camp Springs, Kentucky. Six generations have worked this same soil to provide for their families. Today, the Clarence & Claire Neltner family graciously stewards this land, and takes great pride in offering fresh, homegrown products to friends and neighbors from around the tristate. After all these years, we are still a family-owned and family-operated business, and we believe in providing the best for your family, as we have for six generations of our own.